Lambay Island may be barely three miles off the east coast of Ireland, but it retains an air of inaccessible mystery.

When WB Yeats visited the island in the 1880’s, he compared his experience to landing on a remote South Seas island for the first time.

When Cecil and Maude Baring acquired Lambay Island in 1904, the 15th century castle was very dilapidated, but they engaged the renowned Anglo-Irish architect Edwin Lutyens to rebuild and develop it as a family residence in the Arts & Crafts style, which he did from 1908-1910. The Castle is both protected and enhanced by the surrounding sycamore woods and the terraced gardens designed by the renowned Gertrude Jekyll.

Today the island remains in the hands of the charming Baring family who live completely off-grid and Alexander Baring ( 7th Baron Revelstoke ) is spearheading what has become known as “The Lambay Initiative”, a comprehensive effort to preserve this unique island ensuring that not only its coastline, flora, fauna and architecture are kept protected and nurtured, but that the original culture and values transmitted from generation to generation are kept alive in a vibrant yet discreet lifestyle which instantly appeals to all who are fortunate to experience it.

At a time when Lambay Island is more and more recognised as a unique retreat for Wellness and Provenance, the nascent activity of Whiskey Making is testimony to how much Lambay Island is a sanctuary for a distinctive and enjoyable way of life.




In 2017, Camus – the world’s leading family-owned cognac producer, partnered with the Baring family to create Lambay Irish Whiskey. Their ambition was to produce a unique premium Irish whiskey that is inspired by the island of Lambay. The island is used predominantly for maturation and blending, and the water from the island’s own Trinity Well is also used in the final finish of the triple distilled line. Casks are carried across the sea from France and racked in the island’s bonded warehouse, the Sea Cask Room. It is here that Lambay Whiskey sleeps, gathering rich flavours from the cognac casks influenced by the unique maritime winds and climate on Lambay. You will receive exclusive access to this during your visit!



Your adventure begins in the pretty seaside village of Malahide, just 12 miles north of the city. A Lambay brand ambassador will meet you at Malahide’s privately accessed Marina to guide you to your waiting vessel. Enjoy the wonderful views of Malahide and Lambay from afar as you pull out of the estuary for a quick 25minute boat journey to the island. A member of the Baring family will greet you on arrival at the island’s private harbour.

You will embark on a most special experience at Lambay, an unforgettable place, available only to the few. You will be invited on a personal tour that includes the medieval castle, which is one of two Lutyens-designed homes worldwide that is still occupied and under ownership of the original family that commissioned it. Discover the fascinating story of Cecil and Maude Baring who devoted their lives to restoring and regenerating the estate buildings and farm on Lambay for generations to come. If time allows, you will see the distinctive open-air Real Tennis court, the only one remaining in Ireland (and one of two in the world) and the Baring family chapel, which is perched on the western shore and supported with a portico of tapering stone columns (also by Lutyens).

All the time, you are surrounded by an abundance of wildlife; the island supports one of the largest and most important seabird colonies in Ireland. One of the more unexpected species that inhabits the island is the mob of red-necked wallabies. Rupert Baring had two tame wallaby pets in the 1950s, which later prompted Dublin Zoo to approach him when they found themselves with a surplus in the 1980s. As well as farm animals, such as sheep and cattle, there is also a large herd of deer and the surrounding sea shores are home to a curious colony of Great Atlantic grey seals.

After the walking tour, we then retire to the Bothy near the seashore, for a three-part Lambay Whiskey tasting and an exclusive visit to the Sea Cask Room – a golden photo opportunity! When it comes time to leave, you’ll receive a gift pack with some Lambay whiskey goodies… a little souvenir of a day well spent. In your pack, you will also find a discount voucher to purchase some Lambay Whiskey in Gibneys of Malahide.