A fun exercise, thoroughly enjoyed by all nationalities, male and female, young and old - and you don't have to be a whiskey lover to appreciate it!


The ideal event enhancement! We conduct fun comparison tastings privately, at gatherings all over the country. We cater for any number of people, from multi-generational families visiting Ireland, to large-scale corporate events! Contact us today and we will design a tasting just for you. The below are off-the-shelf options. Important note! – we serve samples only, not full measures! We support the responsible service and consumption of alcohol.

1. Flagship Comparative Whiskey Tasting:

  • For big numbers our Flagship Comparative Whiskey Tasting is ideal. It includes a tutored tasting of 3 whiskeys; an Irish, a Scotch and a Bourbon. We explain the process of making Irish whiskey by use of props, and how the process differs in Scotland and the US. We reward all tasters with certificates acknowledging their new status as qualified Irish whiskey tasters – signed by your Whiskey Island Tutor to make it all legal!

For groups that are smaller than 50 in size, we have a great range of extended tastings. They work well for numbers of 10-50 (we charge for minimum 10 guests). Perfect for before or after dinner entertainment.

2. All Ireland Comparative Whiskey Tasting:

  • Our Extended Comparative Whiskey Tasting starts with a tasting of 4 unique Irish Whiskeys – one from each province of Ireland. We’ll give you the background on each brand, some world famous brands that your guests will know and others that they'll not have seen before. Once we’ve made our way through the Irish whiskeys, we ask tasters to select their favourite and then they can use this to compare with a Scotch and Bourbon. Includes diplomas and a special signature Whiskey Island cocktail.

3. Premium Comparative Whiskey Tasting

  • Our Premium Comparative Whiskey Tasting works the same way as above, but we use superior whiskeys. We choose appropriately based on where we are conducting the tasting. Diplomas and signature Whiskey Island cocktail included.

4. Worldwide Whiskey Experience

  • Our Worldwide Whiskey Experience is for the real whiskey advocate. We’ll take you through the process of whiskey production in Ireland, Scotland, America, Canada and Japan giving you the chance to try a popular brand from each respective country (8 samples – 4 Irish, 4 international).

5. Super High-end Whiskey Tasting (1-15 guests)

  • Finally - we have some very rare whiskeys in our collections... some Midleton Very Rare from down through the 80s and 90s, Bushmills that was distilled in 1975, some rare Teelings and some lovely aged single pot still whiskeys. We can do a very special ultra premium tasting using our rare Irish whiskeys and comparing with a top-shelf Bourbon and a 22 year old Scotch. Available nationwide (while stocks last!)

Tutored whiskey tastings